The atmospheric air contains moisture, particle contaminants, microorganisms, and gases. When this air gets compressed, the concentration of such particles these increases by 6-10 times (equal to compression ratio). However, when this atmospheric air gets compressed by a compressor, other contaminants like oil and metal traces get added during the compression process. This is why it is essential to remove these contaminants from the compressed air before using them for any application.

The ELGi’s Airmate Filters (AF) are suitable for applications that require filtered air for reliable performance. The AF series filters provide customers with best-in-class filtration and the lowest pressure drop. These filters are manufactured in compliance with applicable international standards ASME(USA), CE (Europe), CRN (Canada), AS 1210(Australia), and designed as per the international quality standards.

  • Best-in-class ten-year warranty for housing
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Differential pressure gauge & filter status indicator
  • In-built service indicator
  • Automatic internal float drain
  • High Safety Norms and certification
  • Zero loss drain option
  • Wall mounting kit & clamp option